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I am the only guy you will know that is PROUD TO BE CRAZY!!!!!

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I'm 18...what now?

well It's also my 1st year at NG and it was one of the most greatest adventures in my life I can recall it as if it was 1 year ago...:

I started going to newgrounds after seeing Bowser's kingdom on NG and I posted a simple message asking for a simple free drawing tutorial in the sylings of mangas anine... but I was welcolmed by two spammers(wich I found to be amusing).

This is where my adventure began where after an hour of searching the things about the spammers(yeah you can tell I had nothing to do that day) I found that there was an internal SPAM WAR!!!(well ok it wasn't a giant war to be the end of wars but it was interesting) And I would give myself the duty to report about this WAR and there I saw the most epic things(go see previous posts)

Well the war ended and I was left with nothing to do except startying to submit my arts (witch you can see right now)

Fast forward to today and you get me at the age of 18... I sure did grow a little since that year and found myself enjoying the company of spammers, trolls(they have a unique sense of humor...LOLz) and hackers(not those motherfucking account hackers...They suck dicks!)

wells I hope to get another year as exciting as last year...


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