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2009-12-05 23:29:47 by RPGShadow

THE REAL WAR AS BEGUN!!!: this morning with the help of my resources(spammers of the WAR) and my researches I was confirmed that teh-spam-king and lord-of spam made an alliance by their shared hate for thespammer and spamasaurous rex and are rising an army to bring down their army

Except it no one responded to their call to arms, but do not underestimate their power from informations I got from the WAR-involved spammer their alliance alone is powerful enough to match the army of spamaourus rex...
The real war begins now so I warn every artist, bloggers, and others like I said when I first began reporting the WAR to prove their force as spammers they shall spam the most blogs they can to mark the all over newgrounds their name in the most things that they can spam at the reach of their spammers hands.

This shall be the greatest collection of united spamming recorded in the entire history of Newgrounds, a battle to be seen, it SHALL BE EPIC, IT'LL MARK NG HISTORY...


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2009-12-05 23:38:22

Oh you kids. Always fighting on the playground. The nerd is here.


2009-12-05 23:42:45

This is what happening now

-The forming of the team from thespammer(Idea was Spamausaurusrex)
-Their Arch enemy, teh-spam-king
-Spamming peoples blogs
-The hacker begins his Brutality
-Backup account
-Moving forward
-The forming of teh-spam-king and lord-of-spam
-No recruits
-Still spamming people.
-thespammer is temporary inactive
-Return of notanerd1 (Not a spammer but a troll)

And that's it for a summary.

RPGShadow responds:

GOOD SUMMARY you should do the postface of the SPAM WAR when its over