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Posted by RPGShadow - December 15th, 2009

ARGH! NOTHING IS GOING ON AND I KNOW WHY: There is a stopping in massive spamming(even from the non-WAR-involved) activity and the main causes are numerous: -1)CHRISTMAS TIME!(spammers have family too :P and they surely do have to buy gifts to them, also most of them must be on vacation far from their computer)
-2)EXAM WEEK!DX(surely there are young spammers out there who has what we call in most school exam week where school gets even more shittier to us by rushing us some exams that we have to study and it takes, to most of us, so much of their free time >:( )
-3)(for the WAR)LACK OF CONFIDENCE FROM BOTH CAMP!(the fact that the alliance of teh-spam-king and lord-of-spam is already powerful by themselves makes spamasarusrex's army make them think a little more about their actions, wich means that they won't be doing too much to them, AND spamasarusrex's army is too numerous for the alliance of teh-spam-king and lord-of-spam so they will wait until tey are enough to begin to massively spam)

those are the main reasons that I could find, so if you have other reasons that you could think of do tell me so I can update this blog.
And for the WAR involved who are going to spam here because they're not happy about what I wrote ten go ahead and do it, I just want you to know that I only wrote the facts.

THERE IS A NEW GROUP!: they are not official but they do exist: Anti-spammers. and they have taken for target one of spamasarusrex's guy, ekim9900. This is only amatter of time until a great spamming comes...

Finally, I want to say that I shall "depart" my blog of the SPAM WAR because I have to study for my exams, I've got to prepare myself for the three christmas dinners that I'm gonna have this year, there's also boxing day and etc... But i'm still going to review stuff and arrange my favorites, I'll even respond your spamming here, but this blog takes much time to do because of the research that I have to do. Its still fun to do :)

Until then I wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year(also a happy chinese new year LOL)


samtsirhC yppaH

HEIN!? ?-I