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Posted by RPGShadow - January 13th, 2010

WOOT! I'M BACK BABY!: Sorry for my absence but three days before the end of my vacations my computer crashed leaving it at a state of "hollow box" wich stayed like this for more than aweek until I was able to recuperate the integrity of my memory. NOW TO RESUME THE SPAM WARS!

SPAMMASAURUS GROUNDED!: well that is what he said on is page and as far as I researched(wich means some comparison work) he shall be grounded for 1 to 3 weeks. Let us hope that this "grounding will not affect his "spaming mental psyche" as to my expersonal experience it should recharge or evenrevigorate his spam inspirations

ANTI-SPAMMERS AWAY: Last time I was here the anti spammers started to attack ekim9900, but since the holidays camed they stopped. I contacted them to know what was the idea to stop and they responded, and I quote:"we have a life.". and when I asked them if they would resume their attacks, they said that they would let the autorities take charge of them. But this doesn't mean that spammers should feel safer with these guys, "suposodly", out of the picture, because there may be others spammophobes out there with an aggresive attitude.

THESPAMMER OUT: yes he's out again, but now because there "is too much work left by spammasaurus's grounding" but he said that he shall let the spammers noobs take over the spamming business for the time of his vacations.Will the young spammers be at the caliber of the veteran spammers?We shall see...

Haaa It's good to be back...


Guys me and you do not exist. I am not giving you the theory we are all dreaming but that we are martin luther king jrs dream. Let me explain, you see in his world nothing worked the way he wanted and he wanted so much to change it. When he was shot he went into a long comma and still is in one and hasn't woken up. Why don't we know this? As far as he knows he doesn't exist he isn't seeing himself but the world and therefore we all think he is dead.

We live in a world of no racism and mostly equality. As for the racist and people saying racism still exist. Those people are real, those people are people around him that he is making up in his head over and over again so in a way they aren't real but they are based off the real. We also know the world will end very soon because martin luther king jr is about 80 or so now and is having aggressive dreams. We are all of the sudden having lots of hard ships and chaos that is his 80 year old self reliving what he remembered.

Racism didn't relinquish quickly because martin luther king was smart and knew it wouldn't. Also the early stages of a comma start out as amazing and vivid. Explaining they better music coming along since he "died" and the different styles. It is also why there are terms like "reliving the 80s" because in the 80s he was a middle aged man and only wanted to do things young kids did. Which is why everything was so weird in the 80s. When he wakes up we all die and he has been asleep for 41 years and by now should be curious of his state. We are all a brain cell of martin luther king junior and only recently have we wondered if he all part of a machine.

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