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2010-05-31 20:19:49 by RPGShadow

I'M BACK BUT...: After months of not going to newgrounds because my computer got incidiated bought a new computer, I'm so happy. But I saw something when I came back I saw something I certainly feared...the END.

EPILOGUE: after the grounding of spammasaurus, many spammer started to stop their spamming activities and it made like a domino effect, it got worse and worse.

Not all spammers from then original spam crew stopped their spamming. thespammer still continues is spamming but solo.

I've got to say that I always thought that the WAR would end with the newgrounds admins deleting continuently the spammers account.

We have passed in this WAR from Rival spam crews to hackers to anti-spammers, and yet the war ends out of simple boredom.

It will fade into the memories of the internet as a momentary local event that might as well never happened.

But do remember that there will always have more SPAM WARS as long as spammers roam the pages, blogs, forums, and other stuff that they can fill great emptiness with total spam nonsenses...

This was RPGShadow editor/author of the SPAM WAR. Thanks to every reader who have supperted us and read our brief year-long adventure.

NOW TO START MY NG ARTIST CAREER: This summer I will start submitting drawings so that everyone can help me to learn how to draw well.I'll start as soon as I find a scanner :(
I'm eager to read the guys who will say that I draw badly :P.

The name of the SPAM WAR (writed only exactly like this) shall be my exclusive property if someone wants to use it or continue the blog the please PM me to negotiate over the name.



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