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2010-06-18 15:13:02 by RPGShadow

YAYS: i've started but I didn't start whith my "sort of good but it's really bad" drawings so I've submitted photos of my art projects(witch are WAAAAAAAAAYZ better thean my drawings...I guess because because I'm more of an "abstract" artist like my art teacher said):P

GRRR: Like I said on my previous post I'm still searching for a scanner...well...I...don't know...what to...say more...

STUPID DEVIANTART: I think I'm starting to hate that site 'cause I have to pay to have a real exposure of my art(I also submitted there...I have lols and lots of faves there...)
This site is F**************g cheap. Don't get me wrong Idon't hate the contents of the site(since I have 200 faves there) but when I want to submit something I want people to see it, and my art only lasted like 15 minutes on the recent arts page... :,-<
I like it more here, at newgrounds, even though I have to wait days even weeks before somone scouts me at least I know that someone will people will see my art all day long (then you have to go 20 pages back to see it again XD)

ah wellz, I gess I'll have to wait and submit more.......



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2010-06-18 15:20:48

wlecome fellow artist to newgrounds! i know what ur talking about on devientart man thats just stupid how they do that.. enjoy the ctirics of newgrounds!

RPGShadow responds: I said Its not that I don't like the contents, I just hate Its system...