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I sure am angry these days...

Posted by RPGShadow - June 23rd, 2010

I'M STILL ANGRY AT THE SHITTY SYSTEM OF DEVIANT ART!: I am angry at deviant art 'cause when I submit something it only lasts like 5-10 minutes at the recent art pages and to have a real chance to get my art noticed I would have to:
1. Uprade my account so that it last a little more time and can be noticed on a lot more pages(like the requested critiques account)
2. submit a whole lot of art per day(like 15 or 20)
But i have two problems with those "solutions":
1. I would have to pay to get my art noticed and in theory simply want to submit my arts to get some comments to get myself better...so what is the point on paying on a service that is only recreational(it means the same shit like "as a hobby")? I don't see...
2. to submit 10-20 arts per day I would have to concentrate solely on my arts 16 hours per day, and I don't have such a luxury to waste that much time on a hobby...

IT TAKES A WHOLE LOT OF A FUCKING TIME TO GET FUCKING SCOUTED IN NG!!!!!!: I'm not gonna shit on NG. I find it good that I can submit here for free and I can get my art to be showed for literaly the whole day...in condition that I can get scouted. In witch case it takes a whole fucking long time and it gets me ANGRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You don't believe me go to this link of a good drawer (witch I personnaly admire) named Afterhumanity, look at how much submitions he has, he was once scouted but got unscouted(who knows why) and never got re-scouted. So I'm a little fucking angry at Newgrounds for his slow-ass scouting system.

FINALLY, I'M STILL SEARCHING FORA FUCKING SCANNER!!: Yes I'm still searching for that infamous scanner...and its starting to get me irritated, angry so angry that if I don't find one soon I think I'll EXPLODE!!!!!!!!


P.S.: lol this is my first news post image...

I sure am angry these days...


well fuk it


[RPGShadow exploded in such a way that his city doesn't exist anymore]


Ben j'ai jamais soumissionner quoi que ce soit mais avec ce que tu décris cte criss de système là veut vrmt pas dla marde.

je me plains plus du système que Newgrounds a choisis ici pour les arts, je voudrais bien qu'ils mettent une liste de personnes,dans une page, de personnes qui se sont pas fait encore "scouter", comme ça on a une chance de les scout.

I'm complaigning more of the system Newgrounds chose for the arts section. I would like it more if they would put up a page, where every unscouted people would be listed, so that we would have a chance to scout them.