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RPGShadow's News

Posted by RPGShadow - November 29th, 2009

THIS IS A SUPER WARNING: since tanksgiving many WAR-involved accounts were hacked and are still hacked by a mysterious (really gayish) guy who, somehow, hacked into these said accouts wich led to the deletion of certain of these accounts and those , still active, accounts will may be deleted.

Who is the author of this horrific "attack"? Obviously he(or she) won't give its iddentity.

On other news the-spammer(not thespammer) IS BACK (I'll add him at the suspect list wich includes teh-spam-king)
this is A TURNAROUND FOR THE SPAM WAR maybe every spammer shall get hacked into deletion marking the end of the SPAM WAR.

BUT BEFORE YOU GET Hacked I invite every spammer to search for this ASSHOLE and spam him into suppression,until he can't take it anymore I ask you that because these actions are intolerable and have to be punished >=(

(I mean,getting your account,something you worked for to make it "respectable" ,hacked to deletion is monstruous, its horrific this is unnacceptable....FIND HIM)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edit!!: i have a confirmation that the-spammer(not thespammer)was not, I rewrite, NOT involved in the hacking attacks so I want to say to the-spammer that I AM SORRY...(really I am)

Posted by RPGShadow - November 25th, 2009

THIS IS "TEMPORARY CEASE-FIRE": There was no actions at the time being, SO I jumped into the conclusion that there is an UNOFFICIAL ceasefire
there is nothing else to say but the usual questions:-WHERE IS teh-spam-king?
what will be the future of NG ?

Posted by RPGShadow - November 22nd, 2009

THESPAMMER IS BACK!!: but he's back on a"on occassions" sort of back. well there is no news about what the-spammer is doing and no more information about teh-spam-king except he did'nt spam as much than his usual, he's been even slowing down. What does it mean? is he taking some sort of pause to recharge up and become even more dangerous than ever? is he negotiating with other spammers to take down the alliance of spammausaurus rex?

who knows, we can only wait for his next gruesome action

Or inside spammer involved in the WAR can help me diffuse information about this WAR(and I garrantee to keep their idendity anonymous)

The only thing that we can do is wait...

Posted by RPGShadow - November 22nd, 2009

IN A WAEEK-END NEWS: After an argument between spamausaurus and the-spammer about who was the king of spam ended in a"fuck you" by the part of the-spammer, the team of spammer founded by spammausaurus evaluated that they should kick out the-spammer(this is not the same as thespammer, the original spammer)but at the same night they got 3 new spammer member to augment their army
Is the-spammer going to take his unforgiving revenge, maybe ally with teh-spam-king?

until we have some more certainties about the other sides of the WAR I sahll wait to uptade all of you about this war

It would also help me if spammers involved in this war or that they have an inside information about the WAR would contact me to inform me more about the WAR

Posted by RPGShadow - November 19th, 2009

Spammausaurus rex had banned teh-spam-king but had a quick change of heart because he wanted to keep following the path of his mentor, thespammer(since he NEVER blocked anyone).

So teh-spam-king is going toget his revenge and i quote:"you made a terrible mistake unbanning me now you are going to pay..." after that he put a super long spam thet I won't quote to keep my spamming neutrality(witch means that i won't spam for the duration of the war).

this is bad because even with the army of spammausaurus, he can't keep up the spamming rythm of teh-spam-king (witch is incredebly high as I have heard)

Oh man as i see it teh-spam-king doesn't need any alliance or army since he already is too much powerfull on his own

so the only hope (or unhope)that we have is that there should be a third side (like this lord-of-spam wich i've heard of so much)to balance out this war.

Posted by RPGShadow - November 18th, 2009

OLD YESTERDAY NEWS: Spammausaurus rex as insulted teh-spam-king and lord-oh-spam as "spam trolls". So the injuries (insult throwing) as begun and more than that, Spamausaurus rex' army are going to start sapm flashes, flooding us with inutile or rather funny(as cock jokes funny(don't want to insult you spammausaurus)) and maybe at the same time attacking teh-spam-king and lord-oh-spam
with insults.

And what about those two, are they thinking about doing an all powerful alliance (like in mortal kombat) to ripost these attacks and to have a better chance to win this SPAM WAR

the continuance on the news of this war when i'll get a chance to see some "progression"

Posted by RPGShadow - November 17th, 2009

Siince the retirement of newgrounds's greatest spammer: thespammer, in which he left spammausaurus rex as his only succesor. teh-spam-king is spam angry, and spammausaurus rexis making an "army of spammers to attack every submissions and blogs with spams in his name

The hostilitys have already started with them spamming each others blogs so I sense that, in a near future, teh-spam-king is going to raise is own army of spammers wich is going to start officialy some sort of spam wars where there's going to hve spamming all over NG in a scale never before seen in all of NG history

I don't want to make you panic but you should prepare yourself for a spam-bloodbath where evry submission and blogs are spammed to make it as to mark their territory, to prove to each other that they are the gratest spammer that ever spamed in NG

(even though that this title goes rightfully to thespammer)

Posted by RPGShadow - November 15th, 2009

I want to know how to draw, because i want to be a video game maker (also I'm really bad at drawing decent characters). Even though I don't truly need to have this capacity, I would want one day to submit original artworks of my future video games for you to enjoy. So you can help me by suggesting me books on how to draw.

Any suggestion is welcome It doesn't even need to be a book. And if you live in Montreal would you be kind and willing enough to accept to teach me you just have to say:"I live in Montreal and I accept to teach you to draw" in french and i'll contact you by your account
Also you can sugest me some drawing exercises and tips.

Also I have a great preferance on a manga or anime style but other sugestions are also welcome

I thank you in advance for helping me to get knowledge on the subject