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RPGShadow's News

Posted by RPGShadow - October 21st, 2010


I'm 18...what now?

well It's also my 1st year at NG and it was one of the most greatest adventures in my life I can recall it as if it was 1 year ago...:

I started going to newgrounds after seeing Bowser's kingdom on NG and I posted a simple message asking for a simple free drawing tutorial in the sylings of mangas anine... but I was welcolmed by two spammers(wich I found to be amusing).

This is where my adventure began where after an hour of searching the things about the spammers(yeah you can tell I had nothing to do that day) I found that there was an internal SPAM WAR!!!(well ok it wasn't a giant war to be the end of wars but it was interesting) And I would give myself the duty to report about this WAR and there I saw the most epic things(go see previous posts)

Well the war ended and I was left with nothing to do except startying to submit my arts (witch you can see right now)

Fast forward to today and you get me at the age of 18... I sure did grow a little since that year and found myself enjoying the company of spammers, trolls(they have a unique sense of humor...LOLz) and hackers(not those motherfucking account hackers...They suck dicks!)

wells I hope to get another year as exciting as last year...


Posted by RPGShadow - June 23rd, 2010

I'M STILL ANGRY AT THE SHITTY SYSTEM OF DEVIANT ART!: I am angry at deviant art 'cause when I submit something it only lasts like 5-10 minutes at the recent art pages and to have a real chance to get my art noticed I would have to:
1. Uprade my account so that it last a little more time and can be noticed on a lot more pages(like the requested critiques account)
2. submit a whole lot of art per day(like 15 or 20)
But i have two problems with those "solutions":
1. I would have to pay to get my art noticed and in theory simply want to submit my arts to get some comments to get myself better...so what is the point on paying on a service that is only recreational(it means the same shit like "as a hobby")? I don't see...
2. to submit 10-20 arts per day I would have to concentrate solely on my arts 16 hours per day, and I don't have such a luxury to waste that much time on a hobby...

IT TAKES A WHOLE LOT OF A FUCKING TIME TO GET FUCKING SCOUTED IN NG!!!!!!: I'm not gonna shit on NG. I find it good that I can submit here for free and I can get my art to be showed for literaly the whole day...in condition that I can get scouted. In witch case it takes a whole fucking long time and it gets me ANGRYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. You don't believe me go to this link of a good drawer (witch I personnaly admire) named Afterhumanity, look at how much submitions he has, he was once scouted but got unscouted(who knows why) and never got re-scouted. So I'm a little fucking angry at Newgrounds for his slow-ass scouting system.

FINALLY, I'M STILL SEARCHING FORA FUCKING SCANNER!!: Yes I'm still searching for that infamous scanner...and its starting to get me irritated, angry so angry that if I don't find one soon I think I'll EXPLODE!!!!!!!!


P.S.: lol this is my first news post image...

I sure am angry these days...

Posted by RPGShadow - June 20th, 2010

YES YOU READ ME RIGHT!: Since I "closed" the SPAM WAR!, I saw many portal(audio, flash, art and post) spam fights, collaboration, and others...
So I contacted Tom Fulp(yes this is for real) to think about starting to officialy starting to publish the SPAM WAR!
And if he accepts we will read from more journalist than boring young me. :-)
I don't think that he will accept but at least I tried...

FOR MY NG ARTIST CAREER: Well...theres nothing to say there I just wanted to write something else...


Posted by RPGShadow - June 18th, 2010

YAYS: i've started but I didn't start whith my "sort of good but it's really bad" drawings so I've submitted photos of my art projects(witch are WAAAAAAAAAYZ better thean my drawings...I guess because because I'm more of an "abstract" artist like my art teacher said):P

GRRR: Like I said on my previous post I'm still searching for a scanner...well...I...don't know...what to...say more...

STUPID DEVIANTART: I think I'm starting to hate that site 'cause I have to pay to have a real exposure of my art(I also submitted there...I have lols and lots of faves there...)
This site is F**************g cheap. Don't get me wrong Idon't hate the contents of the site(since I have 200 faves there) but when I want to submit something I want people to see it, and my art only lasted like 15 minutes on the recent arts page... :,-<
I like it more here, at newgrounds, even though I have to wait days even weeks before somone scouts me at least I know that someone will people will see my art all day long (then you have to go 20 pages back to see it again XD)

ah wellz, I gess I'll have to wait and submit more.......


Posted by RPGShadow - May 31st, 2010

I'M BACK BUT...: After months of not going to newgrounds because my computer got incidiated I.ve bought a new computer, I'm so happy. But I saw something when I came back I saw something I certainly feared...the END.

EPILOGUE: after the grounding of spammasaurus, many spammer started to stop their spamming activities and it made like a domino effect, it got worse and worse.

Not all spammers from then original spam crew stopped their spamming. thespammer still continues is spamming but solo.

I've got to say that I always thought that the WAR would end with the newgrounds admins deleting continuently the spammers account.

We have passed in this WAR from Rival spam crews to hackers to anti-spammers, and yet the war ends out of simple boredom.

It will fade into the memories of the internet as a momentary local event that might as well never happened.

But do remember that there will always have more SPAM WARS as long as spammers roam the pages, blogs, forums, and other stuff that they can fill great emptiness with total spam nonsenses...

This was RPGShadow editor/author of the SPAM WAR. Thanks to every reader who have supperted us and read our brief year-long adventure.

NOW TO START MY NG ARTIST CAREER: This summer I will start submitting drawings so that everyone can help me to learn how to draw well.I'll start as soon as I find a scanner :(
I'm eager to read the guys who will say that I draw badly :P.

The name of the SPAM WAR (writed only exactly like this) shall be my exclusive property if someone wants to use it or continue the blog the please PM me to negotiate over the name.


Posted by RPGShadow - January 13th, 2010

WOOT! I'M BACK BABY!: Sorry for my absence but three days before the end of my vacations my computer crashed leaving it at a state of "hollow box" wich stayed like this for more than aweek until I was able to recuperate the integrity of my memory. NOW TO RESUME THE SPAM WARS!

SPAMMASAURUS GROUNDED!: well that is what he said on is page and as far as I researched(wich means some comparison work) he shall be grounded for 1 to 3 weeks. Let us hope that this "grounding will not affect his "spaming mental psyche" as to my expersonal experience it should recharge or evenrevigorate his spam inspirations

ANTI-SPAMMERS AWAY: Last time I was here the anti spammers started to attack ekim9900, but since the holidays camed they stopped. I contacted them to know what was the idea to stop and they responded, and I quote:"we have a life.". and when I asked them if they would resume their attacks, they said that they would let the autorities take charge of them. But this doesn't mean that spammers should feel safer with these guys, "suposodly", out of the picture, because there may be others spammophobes out there with an aggresive attitude.

THESPAMMER OUT: yes he's out again, but now because there "is too much work left by spammasaurus's grounding" but he said that he shall let the spammers noobs take over the spamming business for the time of his vacations.Will the young spammers be at the caliber of the veteran spammers?We shall see...

Haaa It's good to be back...

Posted by RPGShadow - December 15th, 2009

ARGH! NOTHING IS GOING ON AND I KNOW WHY: There is a stopping in massive spamming(even from the non-WAR-involved) activity and the main causes are numerous: -1)CHRISTMAS TIME!(spammers have family too :P and they surely do have to buy gifts to them, also most of them must be on vacation far from their computer)
-2)EXAM WEEK!DX(surely there are young spammers out there who has what we call in most school exam week where school gets even more shittier to us by rushing us some exams that we have to study and it takes, to most of us, so much of their free time >:( )
-3)(for the WAR)LACK OF CONFIDENCE FROM BOTH CAMP!(the fact that the alliance of teh-spam-king and lord-of-spam is already powerful by themselves makes spamasarusrex's army make them think a little more about their actions, wich means that they won't be doing too much to them, AND spamasarusrex's army is too numerous for the alliance of teh-spam-king and lord-of-spam so they will wait until tey are enough to begin to massively spam)

those are the main reasons that I could find, so if you have other reasons that you could think of do tell me so I can update this blog.
And for the WAR involved who are going to spam here because they're not happy about what I wrote ten go ahead and do it, I just want you to know that I only wrote the facts.

THERE IS A NEW GROUP!: they are not official but they do exist: Anti-spammers. and they have taken for target one of spamasarusrex's guy, ekim9900. This is only amatter of time until a great spamming comes...

Finally, I want to say that I shall "depart" my blog of the SPAM WAR because I have to study for my exams, I've got to prepare myself for the three christmas dinners that I'm gonna have this year, there's also boxing day and etc... But i'm still going to review stuff and arrange my favorites, I'll even respond your spamming here, but this blog takes much time to do because of the research that I have to do. Its still fun to do :)

Until then I wish you a happy christmas and a happy new year(also a happy chinese new year LOL)

Posted by RPGShadow - December 8th, 2009

YOU KNOW FOR A GREAT SPAM BATTLE TO END ALL BLAMS... IT'S SORT OF NOT HAPPENING :P : well I don't know what is happening out there but spamming activity as slowed down since my last post...
for now there is nothing much happenning or spamming...
teh-spam-king and lord-of spam's alliance didn't grow either...
well, slow week EH?

Posted by RPGShadow - December 5th, 2009

THE REAL WAR AS BEGUN!!!: this morning with the help of my resources(spammers of the WAR) and my researches I was confirmed that teh-spam-king and lord-of spam made an alliance by their shared hate for thespammer and spamasaurous rex and are rising an army to bring down their army

Except it no one responded to their call to arms, but do not underestimate their power from informations I got from the WAR-involved spammer their alliance alone is powerful enough to match the army of spamaourus rex...
The real war begins now so I warn every artist, bloggers, and others like I said when I first began reporting the WAR to prove their force as spammers they shall spam the most blogs they can to mark the all over newgrounds their name in the most things that they can spam at the reach of their spammers hands.

This shall be the greatest collection of united spamming recorded in the entire history of Newgrounds, a battle to be seen, it SHALL BE EPIC, IT'LL MARK NG HISTORY...

Posted by RPGShadow - December 2nd, 2009

YAAAAAAAY THE SPAMMERS WINS THE BATTLE...BUT NOT THE WAR: spamasaurus rex, kirbydansengirl, threya and josef-fritzl were victims of hacking, but only spamasaurus and threya survived this cowardly attack orchestrated by the hacker. How did they do it?
For threya, I don't know
And for spamasaurus rex, not sure. from what I could gather he had "friends at high places:)" and sweared revenge at mheirmeiser(the hacker).
so Who his this mheirmeiser(that asshole!)?

NOW FOR THE RE-DEPARTURE OF THESPAMMER: thespammer is taking a spam-free vacation, but will still continue to respond the comments on his blog.

in this WAR not everything is spam and random stuff, we also have the real victims so we shall have a moment of silence for those who have fallen to the hackers: kirbydansengirl, josef-fritzl and the many anonymous ones.... :,(

[moment of silence]